Your Name In Hieroglyphs - "Phonetic" Cartouche
Your Name In Hieroglyphs - "Phonetic" Cartouche

Your Name In Hieroglyphs - "Phonetic" Cartouche

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Your Name In A Hieroglyphs Cartouche

A Cartouche is similar to a nameplate, usually oval with a decorative base. In Ancient Egyptian times a Cartouche was attatched exclusively to the coffins of Kings and Queens, however as years passed artists were in great demand by the gentile who hired them to create a Cartouche for their own coffins.

Egyptians believed that before you died you must have your name noted down in writing somewhere, so you would not disappear after death. A Cartouche meant their name was etched in life eternally.

Egyptians used over 200 hieroglyphs in their writings with a standard condensed alphabet and most usually did not incorporate vowels, but depicted names phonetically.

Your Cartouche is available in either the "phoenetic'' version of your name, (which is the best representation of how it would have looked in Ancient Egyptian times) or a "letter by letter" version, where your name is spelled out completely according to the hieroglyph alphabet.

This canvas measures 10"x 8" and is printed on high 100% quality cotton material for crisp clean artwork. Made in the USA, your canvas is wrapped around a sturdy wooden frame and is ready to hang.

Available in a variety of  designs, simply select your background image, supply a name , add a personal message (optional) or use our Ancient Egyptian proverb and we'll create your Cartouche.....

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